Size Guide

     Sizing for belts can be a little tricky, so it is worthwhile to double check to ensure your belt fits perfectly.  Your pants size is smaller than your waist size in inches, so we have adjusted our sizing chart to match US pants sizing as closely as possible.

     The most accurate way to find your MH Belt size is to measure your waist or a belt you currently use. To measure your waist, use at tape measure at the position that you will be wearing your belt. Be sure to pull it snug to ensure an accurate fit.  To use a belt to find your size, measure from the end of the buckle to the hole that you most commonly wear it on.  Then subtract two inches and you will have your Maximum Henry Belt size.

     Our belts typically come with 5 holes to keep the tail from being too long.  If you would like your belt to fit a wider size range, or to have a longer tail, we are happy to customize for you. Extra holes are added on the smaller side of the belt, so if you would like an extra long tab be sure to size up. Please measure carefully because belts with extra holes are not exchangeable.  

     If you have previously purchased a belt from us when we had our old sizing chart, you can use this guide to find your updated size.