Covid-19 Update

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe during this difficult time.  I have been able to maintain safety here by scaling back to a one person team in the studio and practicing safe social distancing.  Surviving as a very small business during this crisis is not easy, and every dollar counts. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past, I am grateful to be able to do what I love for a living, thanks to you all. 



Maximum Henry 



MAXIMUM HENRY was founded in 2012 by Maximum Henry Cohen. We got our start making things for our friends and neighbors who were looking for unique leather goods that weren’t overly branded.  

We strive to create things that exist outside of trends, relying on simple design, quality materials and classic craftsmanship. Every piece is created to look beautiful from the start and to develop a unique patina with regular use. It takes a little extra effort, but we believe it’s worth it for a result you can feel. 

We began making things for our friends, and we’re proud to provide the best product we can to an ever growing community of creative people from Paris to Tokyo to Los Angeles. Our simple hope is that our products can help you to express your style in any way you choose, and that our world will be inspired by your creativity.   




Most of our products are crafted by hand to order, so sadly we can't do refunds.  But if something really doesn't work for you, just send us back any unused product within 30 days and we’ll work it out so you get exactly what you were looking for.  

Who knew that belts could be so complicated, so please double check the design, width, color, finish and size before you complete your order. 



All of our products are made from natural, vegetable tanned leathers, so no two items will ever be alike.  Everything we make will develop a unique patina over time, and like all leather products, ours will stretch a bit.  We craft our products by hand to last a lifetime, and if there is ever a flaw in our workmanship,  just send it back and we’ll make it right.



Should your belt ever become stained, we suggest rinsing it with room temperature water as immediately after the stain occurs. For general upkeep, we recommend occasional reapplications of Fiebing’s snow proof polish






All of our products are made from natural, vegetable tanned leathers, by hand in our Brooklyn studio. Vegetable tanned leathers create the least waste of all types of leather production, due to the use of vegetable based tannins and the low amount of energy necessary to prepare the hides. Each belt is strategically cut to maximize the leather hide, and all scraps are kept for future products, craftsmanship training, or made into our coaster set. Water is never used in our dying process. As each product is made to order, we are only ever making what we need when we need it, leaving very little room for waste.